Level 1 Cosmetologist

Building relationships and beautiful hair

Waking up and knowing I get to go to work with such an amazing team is the best feeling. When with my guests I love helping making them feel good about themselves. Whether it’s being someone to just simply listen to them or giving them a complete makeover and focusing on their hair. When my client feels good, I feel good.

I love building relationships with my quests. I find myself on my days off thinking of new ideas for my regular clients and look forward to seeing them again so we can decide what is next if they are looking for a change. When my clients are in my chair, I want them to have fun with their hair and to remember that their hair visit is about them. They can use our time together to just be a gift for themselves and forget about anything that is going on outside of their visit today. This hair appointment is about treating them and giving them and giving them their most perfect hair style.


Adventure, Career, Compassion, Stability, Loyalty