Forever Jewelry (Permanent Jewelry)

Want to hear about a new meaningful trend? Then keep reading!

As this year comes to a close, let's take a moment to appreciate our inner circle. This might be your spouse, your children, or your closest friends. We want to encourage you to love on them by writing a note, taking them to a special dinner to celebrate each other, or surprising them with a delivery at work or school one day. What you show gratitude for, you will get more of!

One of the special ways Snips Salons is helping you create memorable moments with your loved ones this season is by offering a new experience called Forever Moments. With Forever Moments, you bring your special person (or people) into Snips SpaSalon, where you will each pick out a permanent chain that signifies the special bond you share.

Have you heard of permanent jewelry yet? If not, allow us to explain what it is! Permanent jewelry - we call it Forever Jewelry - is secured by safely fusing the ends together instead of using a clasp.

How much fun is that?

For your Forever Moments experience, just arrive at the salon and choose the type and length of chain you want, as well as where you want us to put it. Bracelets are our most popular placement, however you may opt for an anklet, necklace, or even a ring!

We have many options for your permanent jewelry. The chains you will choose from are 14k gold filled and sterling silver. Once your chain selection is made, we also offer charms to further customize the Forever Jewelry. If you would like to add a charm, take the extra moment to make that selection together.

Finally, one of our certified team members will prep the chain and within moments, you will have a new beautiful piece of Forever Jewelry!


To answer some questions that you might have:

What if I want to take it off?

It is very easy to take off! We recommend using a wire cutter and snipping the jump ring. In most cases, a simple scissors will do the trick.

I need to have an MRI - what do I need to know about my jewelry?

No problem! We recommend you call ahead and ask how they would like to handle this. Some techs just tape it down because it is thin enough to be held secure in this way. In some cases, you may be asked to remove it before your procedure. If this happens, you can either come in and we can help, or you can cut the jump ring on your own Forever Jewelry to remove it. When your procedure is complete, we would be happy to put it back on for you at no charge.

Is it really “forever”?

We are using the term “forever” loosely! If you take good care of it, it should last for a long time. However, if your bracelet falls off because you caught it on something, we can fuse it back together for a small charge of $10. And if you lose your bracelet and want a new one, we'd like to replace it by giving you a 25% discount on a new chain within a year of your initial Forever Jewelry purchase.