Bloomington Team

Our Bloomington location is conveniently located in West Bloomington in Normandale Village Center off of 98th st and Normandale Boulevard. Normandale Village Center is where Lunds Grocery and Haskell's are located.


Level 6 Cosmetologist / Trainer/ Owner

Beautiful hair and bountiful happiness

Christine brings her creativity and passion for helping others to each appointment with her guests. A visit to Christine’s chair will leave you feeling refreshed as she works her magic to lift up your look, your confidence, and your day - she’ll take the time to get to know you, your lifestyle and your goals, making sure they all align and leave you looking and feeling your best!


Level 6 Cosmetologist / Trainer

The look you want - the love your hair deserves.

Cassie enjoys helping others and loves what she does! At an appointment with Cassie, she’s happy to “play” with new products and techniques whenever the chance is there. She’ll also take the time to show you every step she takes when completing your style, so you can continue to love your hair day after day. Cassie’s goal is to transform not just your look but how you feel about...


Level 4 Cosmetologist

No judgement - just beautiful hair

Josie’s favorite services to do are color transformations - blonding, balayage and fashion colors especially! She knows the beauty is in the details, so while you might spend a little more time in her chair, it’s this attention to detail that brings out the overall beauty of the end result. Whether it’s refreshing your current style or a deep dive into something brand new, you’ll leave Josie’s...


Level 4 Cosmetologist, Nail, Brow + Lash Artist

Bringing out your inner beauty; building up your self confidence

When you reserve an appointment with Sarah, you’ll feel confident that you’ll be spending time taking care of yourself and your hair. Sarah loves connecting with clients and gaining their trust; many of her long-time clients are families (with children!) who she has gotten to know on individual levels, maintaining each of their individual styles and needs over...


Level 3 Cosmetologist

Motivation and education to get you taken care of

Christina values building relationships as well as taking care of her guests. She knows that education is important and will be sure to tell you everything you need to know to be able to maintain your look and care for your hair between appointments. She welcomes questions and is happy to help you conquer whatever problems you might have - Christina is here to help you bring...


Level 2 Cosmetologist

Jadah loves working with creative-minded stylists and seeing how they bring their guests’ ideas to life! Beauty is timeless and it is fun to see trends fade in and out of fashion and see how service provides and guests work together to highlight their unique styles and needs.


Level 2 Cosmetologist

Beautiful hair with expert care

Alexandra became a cosmetologist because she loves making people feel beautiful by enhancing their natural beauty. She does this by helping you find your own style and giving tips and tricks to support this style. Alexandra spends time with her clients to assist them in finding the very best styling options and the correct products or tools to do this. A goal for her is that her clients leave...


Level 1 Stylist

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Assocaite Stylist

Making you feel your best.

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Level 2 Cosmetologist

You are perfection

Meet Jordan, a passionate Stylist dedicated to making people feel and look beautiful. With a unique blend of creativity and expertise, she adds a personal touch to each client's experience. What fuels her? The opportunity to pursue her passion and connect with new faces every day at the salon. This career isn't just a job for her; she says it's her identity – filled with fun, excitement, challenges, and...


Level 1 Cosmetologist


Level 4 Esthetician

Precision esthetics to maximize natural beauty

Laura’s artistic eye for detail and passion for providing results-oriented services mean she is sure to help you achieve quick results that you can enjoy from the moment you leave her room! Whether it’s waxing, tinting, or professional makeup, you’ll leave your appointment feeling connected and confident with your updated style.


Level 4 Esthetician

Grounding your skincare dreams in reality

Shannon’s top priority is helping you achieve the healthy, beautiful skin of your dreams. With her experience, knowledge, and warm personality, your time with Shannon will be packed with information on how to repair and maintain your skin’s health. Best of all, Shannon will make sure your daily routine is as simple and realistic as possible - something you can maintain between monthly...


Level 1 Esthetician


Level 4A Nail Technician

Careful attention - creative results - consistent relationships

Kimberly has fallen in love with creating beautiful hands and feet for her guests! When you’re in with Kim, you’ll receive detailed nail and cuticle care and leave with lasting, fantastic results from the tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes! Not only will you leave with polish you can be proud of, but also feeling like you’ve met your new best friend!


Guest Services Expert

Becky loves making friendships with both long-term and first-time guests! She is a friendly and knowledgeable voice on the other end of the line, making sure you’re set up for success when reaching your beauty goals by explaining the process the stylists use and asking questions during your reservation to ensure both your vision for your look and the health of your hair, skin and nails are considered when scheduling your next Snips...


Guest Services Expert

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Guest Service Expert

You’re never fully dressed without a smile :)

My favorite thing about the salon is that it feels like family when I walk in. I enjoy the connections I have made while I have been here. After working her for a while I have been able to get to know the clients and I love how friendly and enthusiastic they are.

I love seeing people leave happy with the services they receive!


Guest Service Expert

I’m a people person, so I aim to bring a smile to people’s face each day.

I love working with our amazing clientele! I have always been a people person, and I love the people here. Also, supporting small businesses is extremely important to me. I admire Snips for our family-feel environment from being a 3- generation owned Salon.


Guest Service Expert

Making beautiful people feel their best today, tomorrow and forever.

When we asked Kennedy what she loves best about this business her words were powerful!

“I love to see the beautiful transformation that brings people to their fullest potential. Feeling themselves, and knowing that they are welcome.”

Kennedy is excited about the environment at Snips SpaSalon.

When you see her at the front desk you will be...


Level 4A Cosmetologist / Founder


Owner / President

MaLissa Young is a 3rd generation in the salon industry. She has been an owner at Snips SpaSalon since 2003 and a licensed Cosmetologist since 1993.

As a business owner in the salon and spa industry MaLissa teaches her team to focus on one main thing, loving on the guest. She realizes that many people do not spend enough moments in self-care and asks the team to make sure they remember that. Even though it is “just a haircut or brow...