How to Take Care of Your Hair - Especially When It’s Freezing Outside!

It’s that time of year again we’re either hibernating or - reluctantly! - braving our backyard tundras. That’s right -- Minnesota Winter is here!

No matter how you plan to spend your winter months, you’ll definitely want to take note of some of these winter tips from your friends and family at Snips Salons. That cold, dry winter air can affect your hair, skin and nail health no matter where you are! Read on to get some quick Snips Tips on maintaining your health over the winter months.

Hair Health

First things first - the cold, hard truth is that your hair health is most at risk if you aren’t careful and mindful of its maintenance during the winter. At Snips, we recommend that you get regular trims (yes - EVEN if you’re sporting a long style or trying to grow it out!!) A good rule of thumb is to come in for a trim every six to eight weeks. The length of time between trims varies based on the overall health of your hair - if your hair is damaged from harsh heat, treatments or styling, six weeks is the ideal time to come in and get rid of those dead ends. If you have a well-established hair care routine, including a hair treatment or mask once per week, you can push out to the eight week timeframe.

If we’re being honest, EVERYONE should be using a weekly hair treatment - especially in the winter. At Snips, we use Pureology’s Superfood treatments, which are designed to target either damaged or dry hair. Which treatment is best for you depends on a variety of factors, and your Snips stylist is happy to help you choose which treatment is right for you!

These treatments are available both in the salon and as a take-home product for weekly use. They are created with natural, vegan ingredients and are formulated with essential nutrients such as avocado oil and coconut oil to moisturize and soften hair. What more could thirsty hair ask for?!


Besides the biting cold, the second most obvious sign of winter is the serious lack of daylight! While shorter days are sure to encourage hibernation mode, they also mean less exposure to the harmful rays that come from constant exposure to the sun. This means we can use this time to switch up your skincare routine and use products that are formulated to target those problem areas, slowing down the signs of aging and repairing some of the damage our skin acquired during the sunny summer months.

Wondering where to start? We recommend checking out Bioelements QuickRefiner. This facial exfoliator is formulated with powerful beta (BHA) and alpha hydroxy acids (AHA), glycolic acid, and Aplhablend, Bioelements' exclusive blend of multi-fruit acids. These elements work together to minimize pores, brighten dullness and smooth fine lines, giving your whole complexion a refreshed look! The best part? Because QuickRefiner includes Alphablend at 5%, you'll see results in as little as one day. Now that’s a new kind of brightness you can look forward to during

the darker months!


Finally, let’s talk about your hands and feet. Do your nail beds crack and peel in the winter? Would you rather hide your dry, flaky feet in a pair of fluffy socks than let anyone see how rough they can get mid-December? Remember - manicures and pedicures aren’t just for putting polish on your nails! At Snips, we carefully address these issues by removing the old and uncovering the new. We use products that are designed to give you a HUGE moisture boost - OPI’s cuticle oils, Hempz brand moisturizing lotions, and a multitude of mask and scrub options to target dry, cracking winter skin can help restore that youthful, hydrated glow to your body so you can shine like the star you are!

Along with the cold weather and darker days, winter brings with it something else - a sense of magic and wonder. Let us help you extend that magical element to your beauty routine by following these tips and you’ll be in awe of what a wonderful time of year winter can be for your beauty routine. With our advice, you’ll be ready to take on the season and leave the hibernating for the bears!