Top Products 2020

As 2020 comes to a close, there are SO many things that we are hoping to say goodbye to — but these aren’t any of them! Read on to see the Top Products of 2020, hand selected by your friends and stylists at Snips Salons to keep YOU looking and feeling amazing as we head in to 2021!

We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and broken down everything you need to know about each of our faves, including why we love it, why you’ll love it, and where you can find it. Read on to learn how you can extend your salon and spa experience at home with our Top Products of 2020!


Pureology Hydrate Shampoo + Conditioner

What it is:: a thirst-quenching shampoo and conditioning system, designed for color-treated hair.

Why we love it:: Like all of Pureology’s products, the Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioning system is made without harsh ingredients like sulfates. Their ingredients go one step further and are 100% vegan, meaning no animals are harmed or tested on when developing their super-concentrated formulas.

Why YOU’LL love it:: Besides its sustainable and earth-friendly formulation, Pureology’s products are concentrated, which means a little can — and should! — go a long way. You won’t have to use handfuls of product on each wash day, so your investment goes farther than it does with store-bought shampoos and conditioners.

Hydrate Shampoo & Conditioner continue to protect your investment by extending the life of your hair color while focusing on adding moisture back into your hair, leaving your locks with enviable shine and a silky smooth, soft texture.

Where you can get it:: Pureology Shampoo & Conditioner are available at both of our Snips Salons in Bloomington and Jordan, Minnesota, and currently retail for $30.00 for the shampoo and $32.00 for the conditioner. Travel and sample sizes are also available at both locations so you can try the system for yourself before committing to the whole 9 oz bottle — or even liters! — but we know that, especially in Minnesota’s dry winter air, your hair will be noticeably softer, smoother and have less frizz after just your first wash.


Redken Stay High 18

What it is:: a gel-mousse styler that offers long-lasting lift, oversized volume, and fashionable fullness to hair styles that crave a pick-me-up.

Why we love it:: Redken is a company founded by women — just like Snips Salons! Their Stay High 18 is the perfect styling partner for full-fashion looks like high pony tails and glamorous waves.

Why YOU’LL love it:: This gel-to-mousse styler transforms to a light, airy assistant when you add it to your damp hair before recreating your favorite look from your last visit to Snips or when you’re letting your creativity flow into trying something new!

Where you can get it:: Redken’s Stay High 18 retails for $24.24 at both our Bloomington and Jordan locations.


Pureology Color Fanatic 21

What it is:: a multi-tasking leave-in treatment spray that offers 21 (yep — TWENTY-ONE!) benefits to your hair post-wash.

Why we love it:: We could go on and on about Pureology’s Color Fanatic and its 21 benefits, but we’ll highlight just a few of our absolute must-lists here: it primes color-treated hair for heat and styling by locking in moisture, instantly detangles even the finest hair, minimizes drying time, and strengthens hair fibers, leaving you with silky, soft, and — most importantly! — stronger hair.

Why YOU’LL love it:: Winter weather doesn’t stand a chance when you add this treatment to your regular regimen. Frizz, static and straw-like texture are eliminated by the benefits in this bottle!

Where you can get it:: Pureology’s 21 Benefit Color Fanatic retails for $28.00 at both Snips locations.


Bioelements Sleepwear

What it is:: an overnight moisturizer designed to fight signs of aging while refreshing skin overnight and locking in all the goodness of the skincare steps you’ve used as part of your nightly routine.

Why we love it:: This nighttime moisturizer is made with age-fighting in mind! Its dermatologically-formulated ingredients include calcium, retinol and peptides to reclaim skin’s youthful firmness.

Plus, each container comes with a sanitary measuring scoop that shows you exactly how much product to use each time, ensuring your investment in the purchase and its many benefits will last as long as possible!

Why YOU’LL love it:: Your skin will look and feel softer, smoother and more youthful after just one night of capping your PM skincare routine with Sleepwear!

As a bonus (and because we are Bioelements World Class Spa certified), when you purchase any Bioelements moisturizer from Snips you have the opportunity to add extra benefits to the ingredients list with our Custom Blend formulas, making sure Sleepwear is targeting your specific concerns all night long.

Where you can get it:: Bioelements’ Sleepwear, along with all other Bioelements products we carry, are currently only available at Snips SpaSalon —  our Bloomington, Minnesota location. Sleepwear retails for $68.50.


Mizani Miracle Milk 25

What it is:: a light, yet rich leave-in conditioning spray, created with dry, textured hair in mind.

Why we love it:: Like Pureology’s Color fanatic, Mizani’s Miracle Milk offers benefit after benefit when added to towel-dried hair after a wash! This leave-in conditioner works to detangle, repair damage, and protect from styling heat while locking in moisture and adding shine to textured hair.

Why YOU’LL love it:: Naturally textured hair dries our faster than naturally smooth hair, so having a treatment spray like Miracle Milk 25 in your arsenal is a must. Frizz is controlled and thirst is quenched, leaving your natural hair type looking smoother and feeling softer than ever before!

Where you can get it:: Mizani Miracle Milk currently retails for $28.00 at both Snips Salons locations.


bareMinerals Lashtopia Mascara

What it is:: a mineral-based, every day mascara.

Why we love it:: bareMinerals is the original maker of clean beauty products! Like Bioelements and Pureology, bareMinerals creates formulas that are free of harsh chemicals and parabens and uses cruelty-free methods to test their products. They go even further in their commitment to clean ingredients by choosing alternatives to other common beauty ingredients like phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oil and microbeads, ensuring their beauty brand is as safe for your skin and the environment as possible!

Why YOU’LL love it:: bareMinerals boasts Lashtopia’s formula to be smudge-, clump- and flake free, giving you a smooth, easy application and lashes that look fuller and more voluminous all. day. long.

Where you can get it:: bareMinerals Lashtopia mascara is available at both Snips locations and currently retails for $20.00.


Redken’s Triple Take 32

What it is:: a regular hairspray that offers extraordinary hold while maintaining hair’s natural softness and shine.

Why we love it:: This lightweight hairspray offers extreme hold and provides long-lasting lift, body, and humidity control. It is also available in a scent-free formula as Redken Triple Pure!

Why YOU’LL love it:: Your style is truly complete when you finish it with Redken Triple Take 32. Hair holds its shape and style but doesn’t look dull or feel crunchy after application.

Where you can get it:: Rekden’s Triple Take 32 retails for $ 24.00 and is available at both Snips’ Jordan and Bloomington locations.


Redken’s Deep Clean Dry Shampoo

What it is:: a spray-on, dry shampoo that restores Day 3 and 4 hair to the fresh look and feel of wash day.

Why we love it:: Washing your hair every day isn’t ideal for most hair types, as it stripes the oils from your scalp that keep it healthy and can lead to dried out, brittle hair. We recommend total washing be done one or two times per week, but we also know that roots and ends don’t always agree on what makes a fresh and healthy look! Deep Clean absorbs even the heaviest oils from any hair texture, making it possible to space out wash days. It’s made without talc, silicones or sulfates, which makes it perfect for using on color-treated hair to maintain its overall health and integrity.

Why YOU’LL love it:: When your scalp and ends are feeling good but your roots are looking greasy, Deep Clean is your super secret weapon! Besides absorbing oils, it provides a refreshing tingle when applied to your scalp so you feel as fresh as you look!

Where you can get it:: Redken’s Deep Clean dry shampoo is available at both Snips Salons locations and currently retails for $27.00.


Redken Brews Maneuver Cream Pomade

What it is:: a water-based styler from the Redken Brews collection — made for adding a smooth hold to men’s hair styles.

Why we love it:: Redken Brews line is made with crafted malt, an ingredient popular in personal care for the benefits it can add to scalp, skin and hair health. Yes, it is also an ingredient used when making beer — which is what inspired the design of their shampoos, conditioners, and liquid soap bottles! — but malt has to be fermented for there to be any alcohol present, which isn’t a part of the Redken Brews process. Redken only borrows the look and benefits of beer for their men’s inspired line — there’s no buzz in these bottles!

Why YOU’LL love it:: This water-based pomade adds hold and smoothness to hold finished short styles in place. It also offers texture but never adds shine or stiffness, offering a balance of play and hold to your style, whether it’s a perfect pompadour or a perfectly-imperfect, messy-but-intentional look.

Where you can get it:: Redken’s Maneuver cream pomade retails for $ 18.18 at both Snips locations.

So, what do you think of our Top Product Picks for 2020?! Did your favorite product make the list, or are there some hidden gems we have been able to reveal to you?


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